I think if you were to ask most people what role enzymes play you would be met with a lot of blank faces.  With a diet of white flour, processed foods high in colors, chemicals and sodium, we grow further and further from understanding what we are made of and what our bodies need to stay disease free.

Enzymes extract the minerals and vitamins (among other things) our body needs to continue to renew itself.  Enzymes and minerals regulate the biochemical and metabolic processes  our bodies need in order to function.  Plant based digestive enzymes, and trace minerals are essential to the maintenance of good health.

Ongoing scientific research reveals over and over to us that degenerative diseases come from within not without our bodies.  It is what we eat or don’t eat and a lack of complete digestion and improper elimination that contribute most to how we “contract” degenerative diseases.

Garbage in + poor digestion + a lack of metabolic function, due mainly from a lack of proper digestion and nutrients, that = garbage out and eventually disease.


Unprocessed raw food + good elimination + a healthy lifestyle = health to the average person.

It is not a choice of how you eliminate that is all we are talking about.  Unprocessed, food not broken down because of a lack of enzymes results in it actually becoming poison to your own body.

According to the manufacturer, Greenwood Health, this results in having the protein you eat putrefying, the carbohydrates fermenting, and the fat (lipids) turning rancid. As time passes, and your age increases, the cumulative effect of continually poisoning your body in this manner start to manifest themselves as many different degenerative diseases.

Even our pets have diseases similar to our own and this is NEVER seen in nature.  Studying other cultures will help us to see that it is not normal in the more natural societies who depend upon what they grow themselves.

Not ready for the unprocessed world of food?  Enzymes are your friend.  Find them in your food or supplement with a powerful ally; Phyto Bio Forte Super.

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