Our Diets:

Take a bowl of corn flakes with milk, a piece of white toast and cup of coffee with a tsp of sugar.  It is easy to argue that this is not the best start to a day right?  Let’s say you have oatmeal instead with organic maple syrup, a glass of orange juice (a name brand), a 12 grain and whole wheat piece of toast with all fruit jam and cup of green tea with no sugar and a daily vitamin.   Sounds better right?  It really isn’t in the sense that it is not putting anything live in your body to extract all those great minerals and vitamins from the foods.  If you had plenty of enzymes or took PhytoBioForte Super you’d be golden.  You would be able to access, not just the fiber from these “good” foods, but also the vitamins and minerals.

Those foods are still a diet of dead and / or processed foods. Food that has NO enzyme content whatsoever.

We are not animals and I will happily say that but humans share some of the same needs as animals and our body systems are very similar in many ways.  When animals are studied in the wild, it is quickly seen that they eat a diet of 100% raw food (including meat). Food that still contains ALL of it’s natural enzyme content.

So, the question of who needs to supplement with plant based digestive enzymes on a daily basis, has a simple answer.

EVERYONE who is eating anything other than a 100% RAW FOOD diet.

If you suffer from any of the problems listed below, you may just be amazed at what can happen once you start using plant based digestive enzymes on a regular basis.  Let’s also note that while we cannot mention “other diseases” that will come eventually from chronic conditions of those below and a lack of life in your foods, you either move toward bigger disease or better health.  That is the bottom line.

Heartburn Bloating and Flatulence Constipation
Food allergies Parasites Bad bacteria
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Decreased energy Fatigue
Lowered immune response Headaches Inflammation

PhytoBioForte Super™ is the most potent, best value for the money, plant based digestive enzyme and trace mineral product available!   Yes, we dare to say that.

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